About Us

With a rich history in advanced lens designs, SwissLens is renowned for its commitment to delivering personalized, high-quality vision correction custom lenses, addressing a wide spectrum of refractive needs, including myopia control, astigmatism, presbyopia, etc., with unlimited parameters selections. Dedicated to ocular health and patient well-being, we collaborate closely with eye care professionals to ensure optimal lens fitting and performance. Our lenses are crafted with cutting-edge materials and technologies, emphasizing comfort, visual acuity, and extended wearing times. All our lenses are made to order – no stock is held. 

SwissLens supplies contact lenses to eye care professionals only, among which hospitals and contact lens practitioners, either directly or via our distributors and licensing agreements. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, for over 25 years, with about 50 employees, SwissLens has developed an international network notably covering all European countries and other countries outside Europe. Our Customer Care Team is pleased to advise your needs in English, French, German, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Portuguese or Polish. Your lens fitting, patient follow-up and general administration will thus be facilitated. Our wide range of products can be ordered either directly through our customer services team or via our website, 24/7. Please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to meet your expectations.

Our Team

SwissLens is a young and dynamic team of contact lenses experts. The SwissLens staff comes majority-bright from the contact lenses industry and has a big experience in this area.
Philippe Käppeli


Hervé de Malm


André Loureiro

Production Manager

Lisa Kurischev


Guillaume Calmettes


Markus Worm

Product Manager, Color Expert

Nicole Felicioli

Product Management

Benjamin Maignant

Product Manager

Hernâni Lopes Pereira

Sales Manager Portugal

Stefanie Karatas

Customer Care Germany

Steffi Fischer

Customer Care Germany

Julia Elhariri

Sales Manager Germany

Pierre Brémont

Sales Manager France

Thomas Kerlo

Sales Manager France

Małgorzata Żukowska

Sales Manager Poland

Luciana Fullin

Sales Manager Italy

Šárka Bělová

Sales Manager Czech Rep. & Slovakia

Rafael Clerigo Gonçalves

Sales Manager Spain

Margarita Krasnyakova

Sales Manager Ukrain


Production tool

SwissLens has numerical lathe with nano-metrical precision specifically designed to manufacture contact lenses made to measure, and in particular for the toric lenses stabilized with bumps. These lathes enable the production of lenses with precision and quality never reached before. This tool, as well as the driving softwares, were developed by SwissLens, in collaboration with EPFL (Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne) and various high technology Swiss companies. Since it is protected by various patents, the company benefits from its exclusive exploitation.

Traceability and reproductability

Every SwissLens lens has its own serial number, which guarantees a follow-up and a perfect reproducibility. The appropriate information for every lens is at the adapter’s disposal.


The SwissLens lenses can correct the usual spherical type ametropia (myopia, hypermetropia), astigmatism, presbyopia and all the combinations of those. The Classic range offers an unlimited choice for parameters and materials, as well as the possibility to modify the geometry of the lens in order to adapt to all cases.

Ecology and quality

The nanotechnology makes it possible moreover to be freed from the operations of polishing, therefore increasing reproducibility and optical quality of the lenses while reducing the use of chemicals to a strict minimum.


We collaborate with the main raw material suppliers: Contamac , Boston (B&L), Paragon Vision Science. Each lens can be manufactured out of the most adequate material. To this end, we constantly watch and follow the evolution of new materials.

Working conditions

Manufacture, control and conditioning are carried out in buildings specifically designed for the production of contact lenses: gray room at controlled temperature and hygroscopy.