With CE diagnostic strips, eye care professionals can rely on precise and reliable diagnostic tools to assess contact lens fitting, tear film quality, corneal health, and tear production accurately. Trust in the excellence of our diagnostic strips for comprehensive eye care evaluation.

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Our Fluorescein strips are specially designed to assist eye care professionals in assessing the RGP contact lens fitting, integrity of the tear film and detecting corneal irregularities. These strips are used with a cobalt blue light to visualize tear film break-up and identify any abnormalities on the corneal surface. We recommend to use Yellow Filter to enhance contrast.

High Molecular Fluorescein Strips

By using high molecular fluorescein strips, eye care practitioners can gain precise and detailed information about the lens-to-cornea interaction, ensuring optimal fitting and comfort for patients wearing hybrid contact lenses. These strips play a vital role in achieving a successful and comfortable hybrid lens fit, enhancing the overall contact lens wearing experience for patients.

Schirmer Strips

Our Schirmer strips are valuable tools for measuring tear production and evaluating tear quantity in the eye. Used to diagnose conditions like dry eye syndrome, Schirmer strips provide essential information about tear secretion and ocular surface health.