HydroColor Sport

The HydroColor Sport is a good alternative for glasses-free glare protection and contrast enhancement during sports. With its 4 colors, it is variable applicable in the different light conditions of all sports – whether indoor or outdoor. No more fogging, soiling, slipping or other restrictions during leisure time. Optimal compatibility and visual performance thanks to individual adjustment of geometry and strength.

Our transparent colours do not have any influence on the DK-value. It is just as high as the value of a clear contact lens.




– Yellow (artificial light/indoor sports such as volleyball or handball, squash), absorption 15%.

– Orange (bright to medium lighting, green environment, e.g. golf, soccer, light/shadow change as well as skating), absorption 62 %.

– Brown (medium to high brightness, the outdoor all-rounder), absorption 70%.


– Ultima Brown (outdoor at high brightness, e.g. surfing, kite surfing, beach volleyball), absorption 85 %.

Unlike edge filters (HydroColor Therapy), HydroColor Sport merely reduces the amount of blue light (blue attenuator, not blocker). Advantages:

– More natural color perception

– Roadworthy

– Blue light is important for balance regulation and movement coordination [1].


– Day-night rhythm is less affected

Fitting advice

Use same fitting advice to the comparing geometry. We highly recommend to use clear trial lenses first.

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