Orthokeratology by SwissLens - Simplicity without limits

SwissLens sees orthokeratology lenses NightFlex as a solution with great potential. This makes them particularly adaptable:

  • Myopia and advanced myopia (-9 dpt)
  • Hyperopia
  • Presbyopia (reading or distance to centre)
  • Myopia Management
OrtoK-NightFlex miopía
OK-NightFlex hyperopia
OK-NightFlex Relax
Each geometry has been developed specifically for each type of correction and optimised using Tear Volume Optimisation (TVO) technology. This technology allows the optimal calculation of the tear film volume of the reverse zone in order to generate the ideal hydrostatic effect, as from the first lens, according to the corneal and optical parameters of the patient.

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If needed, it is still possible to adjust a wide range of parameters, such as:
  • The R0, if the optical correction is not correct
  • The Jessen (also influences the R0), if the evolution of the correction during the day is not adequate
  • The compression factor to increase or decrease the Ortho-K hydrostatic effect without changing the R0 (increases the height of the tear lake in the reverse zone)
  • The diameter of the optical zone
  • The width of the reverse zone
  • The alignment zone (R2 and Ex), e.g. for a better centring of the lens
  • And much more
OrthoK Design

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