A fast one-step peroxide system with colour indicator for cleaning all types of contact lenses: conventional, disposable, silicone hydrogel and RGP lenses.

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What it provides

Highest level of disinfection: 100% Disinfection of 100% of the lens surface. The neutralising tablet only generates bubbles after 12 minutes, so during this time the lenses are immersed in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in which no bubbles appear, which could prevent certain areas of the lens from being disinfected.

The fastest: The entire process (disinfection + neutralisation) is over in one hour.

It eliminates proteins and moistens the lens.

Recommended prescription

Especially recommended for users of conventional, RGP and Ortho-K lenses.

Other specifications

Sensitive or normal eyes

Users of silicone hydrogel, conventional hydrogel, RGP and Ortho-K lenses with sensitive or normal eyes. If necessary, use a saline solution for rinsing before putting lenses in.

Oily eye

Users of conventional, RGP and Ortho-K lenses with problems of oily eye. Maintenance may be completed using AllClean a cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and saline solution for rinsing.

Dry eye

In the case of RGP and Ortho-K lens users with dry eye syndrome, it is advisable to complete the cleaning process with saline solution and moisturising eye drops.


  • Disinfecting solution:
    • Hydrogen peroxide 3%
    • monosodium phosphate
    • disodium edetate in purified water.
  • Neutralising tablet:
    • Sodium chloride
    • Polyvinylpyrrolidone
    • disodium phosphate
    • vitamin B2 0.075 mg
    • catalase 0.1 mg.

Does not contain preservatives.


Acuacare One Step T is available in a range of practical formats:

  • 60ml (6 tabs)
  • 360ml (36 tabs)
  • economy pack of 3 * 360ml (3 * 36 tabs)

Whatever your needs, you’ll find the format that suits your preferences to ensure complete and effective care of your contact lenses. Choose Acuacare All-in-One and take advantage of a versatile and reliable care solution for an optimal lens-wearing experience.