Some memories and perspectives

It all started… in a garage!

In the 90s, it was common to see start-ups blooming in garages. Thus began Mr. Gerard Müller, one of the founders of SwissLens, laying the foundations of the company with the following innovations:

  • The design and patent –now extinct– of the toric CL dynamic stabilization bumps, subsequently sold to Essilor. However, SwissLens has always retained a right of use for its exploitation.
  • The design of a CL lathing machine offering the possibility, on a single device, to perform all the required operations, such as lathing of spherical and toric faces, stabilization bumps, engraving, as well as various options chosen by the adapters.
  • A wide range of available parameters, offering great freedom for ordering.
LCM Old building

Based on these innovations, SwissLens was founded on July 8, 1997, focusing on simplicity: 3 models of soft lenses and a few customers mainly from French-speaking Switzerland.

In the year 2000, SwissLens took over the production of Lunelle TDI toric, previously manufactured by BioLens SA, a company also founded by Mr. Gérard Müller and based in Lausanne. Since then, and without interruption, Lunelle TDI have been manufactured first for Essilor and then for Coopervision. The transfer of Lunelle lenses to SwissLens is therefore a logical extension of the existing range!


Pioneer in Europe, SwissLens was the first contact lens manufacturer to offer frequent renewals (6-month, then 3-month), silicone-hydrogel (since 2006), and myopic inspection (since 2009).

Today, SwissLens offers a wide range of products covering the majority of CL possibilities: soft, rigid, hybrid, ortho-K, scleral, myopic inspection (from 2009), all with different renewal possibilities (3-month, 6-month, 12-month, etc).

Thanks to its dynamism, SwissLens has been able to extend its presence internationally. Its 40 multilingual employees, of different nationalities, provide advice to contact lens professionals in 34 countries around the world.

SwissLens facility front

The adventure goes on!

The garage is an old memory… We are in charming premises, with a beautiful view on Lake Geneva!
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