Relaxing Myopia


The contact lens Relax is specially developed to decrease the visual stress with increasing myopia on children and young adults.

This new optical design for myopia adjusts peripheral aberrations allowing a full and un-distorted  clear image to fall on the retina, allowing the patient comfortable vision in the near.
The lens geometry is enhanced with a special polynomial progression in the periphery.

Relaxing myopia

The optical is an optimized geometry support the visual myopia stress.


They are the same geometries and fitting advice as for Orbiflex.

Technical data

  • Total diameter: 7.50 -> 12.00 mm
  • Base curve: 6.00 -> 9.00 mm
  • Sphere: -40.00 -> + 40.00 dpt
  • Addition: +0.50 -> +4.50 dpt
  • Central optical zone Zoc: 2.50  -> 5.50 mm

steps 0.01 mm / 0.01 dpt / 1°