NightFlex and NightFlex Relax

The NightFlex Orthokeratology lenses are worn by night to reshape the cornea geometry during a sleep in such a way that during a day sharp vision is ensured without any other vision aid.

  • wearing contact lenses over night – perfect vision all day long
  • save an quick for myops up to –9,00 until +3.50 dpt and cyl –1,50 dpt
  • approx. 60 – 70% decrease of myopia after the first night
  • full correction after 3 – 4 nights, stable all day long after approx. 4 weeks complete reversible and noninvasively
  • simple fitting with experienced design for years
  • to control the increase of myopia
  • comfortable way to fit contact lenses with dry eye patient and comfort problems


Orthokeratology when carried out with a responsible approach, regular check-ups and appropriate patient selection, is reliable, effective, reversible, and profitable method of myopia correction.

This, in turn, may result in high patient satisfaction accompanied by long lasting loyalty.

Recent studies have revealed that orthokeratology may slow down the myopia progression. To enhance its effectiveness, SwissLens has made a calculator thanks to which OrthoK design for myopic kids can be now supported with the Relax system.


Back optic zone: spherical with reversed zone and aspherical flattening
Front optic zone: spherical


  • Myopia to -5.00 dpt
  • High Myopia to -9.00 dpt
  • Hyperopie to +3.00 dpt
  • Relax Myopia Management
  • Multifokal


Boston XO green, blue, violette, red

Optimum Infinite green, blue, red

Boston Materials

Fitting guide

  • We need your customer paramters as K-readings, excentricity and prescritption to calculate the conatct lens.
  • No trial lens or trial set is required.
  • The fitting following the same rules on the landing zone as a standard aspherical RGP lens.
  • The use of a topographer (keratograph) to evaluate the fitting and changes on the cornea is mandatory to use the Orthokeratology contact lenses.
  • To use the contact lens we recommend a preservative-free saline.


OrthoK-NightFlex myopia


OK-NightFlex hyperopia


OK-NightFlex Relax

Technical Data

Total diameter10.00 mm12.00 mm0.01 mm
Base curve7.50 mm10.50 mm0.01 mm
Alignment zone curve7.00 mm8.40 mm0.01 mm
Sphere (CL)-1.00 dpt+2.00 dpt0.01 dpt
Sphere (target)-9.00 dpt+3.50 dpt0.01 dpt
Astigmatism-0.50 dpt-2.50 dpt0.01 dpt
Addition+0.50 dpt+3.00 dpt0.01 dpt

Additional information


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Correction type

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Lens Type

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Product Video

NightFlex Relax – More success in myopia management with OrthoK for low myopia

In its white paper (1), the International Myopia Institute (IMI) recommends optimising OrthoK for myopia management, i.e. the optic zone diameter should be individualised so that the size of the reverse treatment zone is smaller than the child’s pupil diameter.
This modification of the optic zone can be implemented relatively easily by us as contact lens manufacturers.

Dr. Michaud Langis recommends using OrthoK only for myopia management in myopia larger than -2.50 dpt, otherwise the defocus caused by the induced peripheral addition in the reverse zone (which is equal to the corrected myopia) is not sufficiently corrected and thus the effect is not sufficient for myopia control (2).

Unfortunately, this aspect is in contrast to our desire to provide OrthoK to myopic children as early as possible in the myopia management process. OrthoK not only has a control effect, but also gives the child the freedom to see clearly all day long without visual aids.

So what can we offer in these cases?

SwissLens, specialised in individual contact lenses for myopia management for over 10 years, has developed a completely new back surface design for OrthoK NightFlex. With this design the reverse zone starts earlier than usual, but has a higher compression factor in the reverse zone. This compression makes it possible to correct the myopia and increase the induced addition as needed.
This is basically similar to the soft or rigid Relax contact lenses. Here you can freely choose the size of the zone and the amount of addition to correct the hyperopic defocus according to your needs and your measurements.
When ordering, please give us the age, pupil size and, if possible, the accommodation accuracy in addition to the usual corneal and refraction parameters.

Good luck with the treatment of progressive myopic children!

Calculation tools:

New NightFlex Order FORM



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