Why SwissLens?

Because we make good quality contact lenses, of course! But what are the specificities of SwissLens? 
  1. A very wide range of contact lenses: Soft, Medical Soft, RGP, Hybrid, Scleral, Ortho-K.
    Our strengths are Myopic inspection (soft CLs, RGP and Ortho-K), Coloured CLs (prosthetic, therapeutic and cosmetic), and keratoconus (soft CLs, RGP, Hybrid and Scleral).
  2. A quality service to professionals: all your calls are immediately handled by experienced optometrists who are perfectly familiar with SwissLens products.
  3. A website allowing you to order the majority of SwissLens CLs, including an assistant to help you with your adjustments.
  4. We answer your calls in 9 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian.
  5. Credit applications for returned lenses are mainly made on the Internet without having to physically return the lenses.
  6. Deliveries from Switzerland throughout the EU. The products are already cleared through customs and are delivered free of VAT to our customers.
  7. Invoices in local currencies: SwissLens accepts payments in CHF, EUR, GBP, PLN, USD and UAH.
We wish you much success with your fittings… And also a little bit of fun!

SwissLens is like a Swiss Knife 😉

Swiss Knife
Annual team meeting

We are currently in annual team meeting.

Our phonecall line is currently closed, We apologize and try to do our best to come back as soon as possible. 

Customer service email : lens.order@swisslens.ch