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1 Introduction
SwissLens is subject to medical device legislation imposed by CE marking, and as such,
every practitioner of SwissLens must take notice of the content of the conditions of
purchase and delivery. By ordering SwissLens products, the buyer automatically accepts
these general terms and conditions.
2 Production and delivery delays
Made to measure contact lenses
Production: 1 to 3 working days.
Urgent orders (additional charges apply): manufacturing on the same day if orders are
submitted before 10:00 a.m.; manufacturing the following working day for orders after
10:00 a.m.
Delivery times
Switzerland: 1 working day
Europe: 2 working days
Disposable contact lenses and cleaning solutions
Delivery times: 2 to 7 working days
3 Invoice
Each SwissLens client receives a detailed invoice, including current credits and
discounts. If the amount due is negative or smaller than Euro/CHF 20.00, the amount is
automatically carried over to the following invoice. No refunds on credits are permitted.
Each product remains the property of SwissLens until payment is received.
4 Payment
Payments are due within 30 days of invoice. Late payments incur charges (see price
list). SwissLens reserves the right to terminate delivery if an account is in excess of 30
5 Credits
Credits are automatically calculated in invoices. The client cannot deduct any additional
Made to measure contact lenses
The contact lenses can be returned online. The reception and the handling of credit can
lead to delays before they appear on invoices.
Disposable contact lenses and cleaning solutions
No returned is accepted except for guarantee.
6 SN Serial Number
Each made to measure contact lens produced by SwissLens is marked with a specific
serial number that appears on labels, delivery note and credits. SwissLens archives all
information pertaining to the contact lenses by serial number.
In order to guarantee optimum reproducibility when ordering renewals, please indicate
the serial number of the fitting lens or the lens to be re-ordered.
7 Contact lenses renewals SL6 and SL3
By ordering made to measure contact lenses with 6 monthly or 3 monthly renewal,
the fitter is committed to offering them only for the duration specified when ordering,
and to actively follow up the renewal. Each vial specifies the life span of the contact
lens it contains. In order to facilitate renewal follow-up, SwissLens provides a renewal
reminder on-line. SwissLens reserves the right to discontinue deliveries in case of
infringement of these renewal conditions.
8 Packaging
Soft made to measure contact lenses
Soft contact lenses produced by SwissLens are hydrated, sterilised and delivered in a
special solution. Sterilisation is no longer guaranteed after opening or damaging of the
closing security system. Consequently, the contact lens may not be used if a defect is
detected in the vial (break, crack, inclusion) or the solution appears not perfectly clear.
The defective contact lens should be returned unused to Swisslens, whereupon it will
be replaced without delay.
Gas permeable made to measure contact lenses RGP
Gas permeable contact lenses are professionally cleaned and then packed in special
packaging for delivery purposes only. It is imperative to clean the contact lens before it
is first fitted.
Disposable contact lenses and cleaning solutions
If a defect is detected in the packaging system, the product musn’t be used and must
be returned to SwissLens.
9 Expiry
The expiry date of the product is indicated on the label next to the symbol . This date
is only valid as long as the packaging system is intact.
The product must be destroyed after expiry of this date.
10 Miscellaneous
SwissLens offers its products for sale only to authorised persons, practices and shops
according to the country-specific legislation. Distributors are not authorised to sell
SwissLens products to non-authorised third parties. Resale on the Internet is not tolerated
and will be prosecuted. The practitioner must have at least one personal contact
with the end customer in order to inform him/her of the precautions necessary in
regards to the handling and wearing of SwissLens products. The practitioner is obliged
to pass on to their clients all necessary information and recommendations relating to
the use and care of SwissLens products as well as the information notice published by
The practitioner is also obliged to inform SwissLens about all incidents and complaints
in regards to their products. This information should be as detailed as possible and be
transmitted to the company with minimal delays, together with the faulty products.
All documentation concerning the products and their use must be stored in order to
guarantee long term support.
In order to conform to medical device legislation (CE marking), the practitioner must
preserve the traceability of products in stock or worn by his/her clients.
For France:
A made to measure contact lens that has been in contact with a client who is infected
or at risk of being infected with CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) must be returned to
SwissLens with a comment that specifies this.

15. Mai 2018