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CEO: Philippe Käppeli

Forme juridique: Société anonyme

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Conditions of Use

Customer General Conditions of Use for the Internet SwissLens


The General Conditions of Use (henceforth „GCU”) apply without restriction or reservation to all services offered by SwissLens Ltd. (henceforth „SwissLens Ltd.”) to any physical person or corporation (henceforth „Customer”).

Presenstation of

Nature and extent of use

These general conditions regulate the use of all Internet services that are offered by SwissLens AG.

Scope and requirements

Benefits of the Internet site are described in the corresponding documents. Together with the terms and conditions of Swisslens Ltd. and the current price lists, these will form the basis of the contractual relationship between customers and of Swisslens Ltd..
Within the framework of the existing technical and operational possibilities, SwissLens Ltd. provides the Internet services provided that the customers of the computer science material, and adequate network to provide.

Safety precautions of SwissLens AG

SwissLens Ltd. strives to protect customer data from unauthorized access, misuse or loss. However, absolute protection against unauthorized access cannot be guaranteed. The SwissLens Ltd. cannot be held responsible for such abuses.

Third Parties

During third parties which can SwissLens AG to meet their Internet services at any time third parties consult.

Services/obligations of the customer


Customers are responsible for the legal and contractual use of Internet services from them.
When ordering, registration and other business contacts with SwissLens AG clients to truthful information are required.
Any other obligations of the customer resulting from the relevant contractual documents.

Technical requirements of customers

Customers are responsible for the acquisition, establishment, operation, maintenance and the legal conformity of their subscriber equipment necessary for the use of SwissLens Internet services and connections (E.g., fixed-line, Internet connection, etc.).

SwissLens S.A. does not warrant that the use of its Internet services is possible with all the installations and all the settings of the clients.

Security of the customers

The customers have to choose passwords and change regularly, or in cases of suspected abuse immediately. Passwords are to be kept carefully. The customers are fully responsible for the use of passwords.

Customers from unauthorized access by third parties protect their subscriber equipment and data from – a use by third parties is not allowed.

Content of the information;legal and contractual use;

Content of the information that customers are responsible for the content of the information that they entrust transmission and of SwissLens AG, or third parties accessing may abuses.

Measures against abuses

If there are reasonable signs of an unlawful use of Swisslens Internet services, it will be shown to concerned person or an authority or SwissLens Ltd.  a by final judgment is established. The data from the suspected customers of abuse and/or of the person concerned and/or the competent authorities announce that police will be inform and/or other competent authorities about the incident, keeping the customers for the legal and contractual provisions, discontinue use, adjust its services without notice compensation, access to the services to resolve time – and without compensation and/or, if necessary, demand compensation for damages.

SwissLens Ltd. can take the same measures if it has reason to believe, that the customers will violate , or if customers in the obtention of their access have made inaccurate or incomplete information.

Information provided by the customer


When dealing with data, SwissLens Ltd. complies with the legislation in force, in particular of the data protection law. The SwissLens Ltd. collects, stores and processes only data that are required for the fulfilment of obligations, for the maintenance and development of the customer relationship, ensuring a high quality of service, for the safety of operation and infrastructure, as well as for invoicing.

In accepting these terms and conditions, the customer allows of SwissLens Ltd. to collect information and to use them for the conception and the development of their services according to the needs of the customers and for the preparation of offers custom-made.

Liability by SwissLens AG

General provisions relating to the liability

For break of contract, the SwissLens Ltd. for proven damage is liable if it is unable to prove that it meets no fault. SwissLens Ltd. replaced unlimited damages caused deliberately or through gross negligence. Negligence is liable for damages up to the amount of CHF 50,000 per case. In this case is liable the SwissLens Ltd. for consequential damages, nor for loss of profits or loss of data. Also, you is not liable for damage caused by unlawful or illegal use of its services.

Force majeure

The SwissLens Ltd. is not liable if the provision of performance due to force majeure temporarily interrupted, partially limited or impossible. Force majeure are namely natural events of particular intensity (avalanches, floods, etc.), events of war, terrorism, strike, unexpected official restrictions, power failure, computer viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.

Duration and end of the contract

SwissLens Ltd. offers are without obligations. This means that the contract between the customer and SwissLens Ltd. begins only with the acceptance of these conditions by the customer. As far as SwissLens Ltd. expressly reserved himself, the contract only with the signature of a written document will begin.

Except for contrary provisions in the contractual documents, the contract for an indefinite duration and cannot be resolved by any written part for the end of the month.

If the resolution concerns only a part of the services provided by SwissLens Ltd., the contractual provisions for the remaining services remain applicable.

Amendments to the condition and contract

SwissLens AG reserves the right to suspend certain Internet services at any time, and their services to adapt their service descriptions and these general conditions.

Transfer of rights and obligations

The customer may transferred to other rights and obligations of SwissLens Internet services without the approval of SwissLens Ltd.

Applicable law and Court of jurisdiction

The contract is subject to Swiss law.

Place of jurisdiction is Lausanne. We reserve the right to mandatory places of jurisdiction.


Important: this is a translation from the French origin document. Therefore, the French version is the one how count legally. Any translations errors are not made with any intention and is not legally valid.