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Information about SwissLens and Lunelle

With a reputation for innovative, personalised products and services, SwissLens will ensure that high standards of product quality and customer service are maintained. SwissLens has been supplying Coopervision for approximately twenty years with contact lenses commercialised under the Lunelle® brand.e

Orders for Lunelle® products up until 31st October 2020 will be processed and fulfilled by CooperVision. Any product returns will be managed in the usual way as per our policy and in accordance with our standard terms of business (or, if applicable, the terms of the supply agreement between you and CooperVision).

From 1st November 2020, please place any orders directly with SwissLens.

SwissLens in Europe

SwissLens distributes its contact lenses in large parts of Europe by itself or with a distribution partner.

If you are in one of our distribution partners’ countries, please contact them directly for further information.

We deliver directly to:

Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia,…


Our distributors are:

Scandinavia: Vision Care APS

Netherland: Opthecs / Microlens

Turkey: Zepa Kontaktlens


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History of SwissLens and Lunelle

November 2020

SwissLens produces the complete Lunelle product range

Following the agreement in June 2020 to acquire the Lunelle contact lens, SwissLens has integrated the certification and product range into its facility in Prilly, Lausanne Switzerland.

SwissLens facility front
June 2020

SwissLens agrees acquisition of Lunelle from CooperVision

After more than 20 years of cooperation and production of Lunelle RX contact lenses, CooperVision and SwissLens agree to take over the complete Lunelle product portfolio for SwissLens

More about the SwissLens History under ABOUT US


Takeover of Biolens activities

When Essilor decided to close Biolens they choose SwissLens to entrust the  fabrication of Lunelle Toric RX because of the SwissLens experience and knowledge with this type of lenses.

Since then, SwissLens is producing the Lunelle Toric RX without interruption as OEM.

July 1997

Creation of SwissLens

With the good results of LCM, the management decide to create the new SwissLens company with Philippe Kaeppli as the CEO.

The activity started in the new facilities in Prilly, near Lausanne.

The founders of SwissLens were Hervé de Malm, Pierre-André Cuénoud, Gerard Muller and CEO Philippe Kaeppeli.

1992 - 1997

Development & Research

Before SwissLens was founded, Hervé de Malm and Gerard Muller worked on the development of a fully automatic lathe with an oscillating diamond tool for contact lenses under a company called LCM (Lentille de Contact sur Mesure) near Place Saint-François in Lausanne. With this machine it should be possible for the first time to produce the patented dynamic stabilisation elements of a soft contact lens in one step like the Lunelle Toric RX.

With this new developed fabrication concept, LCM was selling their first soft contact lenses to customers in Switzerland.

Pierre-André Cuénoud left Biolens to join LCM.

before 1992

The beginning of a successful story

In the 70′ Gerard Muller founded a small production of contact lenses in a laboratory under the name Biolens in Lausanne.

In the 80′, Biolens was developing the design of the Lunelle Toric RX and was sold to the Essilor company.

In 1983, Pierre-André Cuénoud joined Biolens to lead the production Team.


LCM Old building

Frequently asked questions

Please read the most frequent questions and answers about the transfer from Lunelle to SwissLens

The only thing we need for a delivery from Switzerland to the EU is your VAT number for the billing of the VAT.

The contact lenses are customs cleared via France and shipped to you without VAT and invoiced (except France).

Delivery time will be around 5 to 10 working days from the order day, depending on the country and Product. 
Coloured lenses will have 3 to 5 weeks delivery time.
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