Acuacare Contact Lens Cleaners

Perfect care for perfect contact lenses!

A user friendly one step solution using 3% peroxide and a tablet neutraliser combined with a VitaminB2 colour indicator. It gives you optimal cleaning and disinfection without preservatives in just one hour.
Acucacare one step-T is recommended by the manufacturers of the ‘Definitive 74’ silicone hydrogel material.

  • Large pack 3 x 360 ml + 108 tabs
  • 360 ml bottle + 36 tabs
  • 60 ml bottle + 6 tabs
  • With lens case
The ideal solution for all soft contact lenses!

latest generation multipurpose solution containing the moisturising agent sodium hyaluronate. This combines improved contact lens wetting with increased tolerance for dry and sensitive eyes.
Acuacare all-in-one is suitable for all soft contact lenses.

  • Large pack 3 x 360 ml
  • 360 ml bottle
  • 60 ml bottle
  • With antibacterial lens case
The ideal cleaner for all contact lenses!

This solution of 20% alcohol ensures a complete clean with its excellent efficiency of dissolution of the lipids. It eliminates bacteria before the disinfection phase.
Acuacare allClean is guaranteed without preservatives and is suitable to all types of lenses.

  • 45 ml bottle
Acuacare cleanFlex is recommended for daily cleaning of RGP lenses.

This abrasive cleaner for rigid gas permeable lenses eliminates organic and non-organic deposits . Despite a strong cleaning power, it does not alter the contact lens surface.

  • 45 ml bottle
Acuacare storeFlex is suitable for all types of RGP lenses.

This storage solution for rigid gas permeable lenses provide disinfection and a smooth moisturizing. It guarantees perfect wearing comfort as soon as the installation and throughout the day.

  • 120 ml bottle
  • With lens case
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