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No7 will become the exclusive distributor of all Lunelle products in the UK

From November 1st 2020, SwissLens will officially acquire the complete Lunelle® product portfolio from CooperVision. As an official partner of SwissLens, No7 Contact Lenses will become the exclusive distributor of all Lunelle® products in the UK.

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SwissLens has over 20-years of experience, manufacturing and supplying the popular Lunelle® Toric RXi. And, having forged a successful partnership with No7 Contact Lenses over the past 2-years, opticians and patients can be assured of a seamless continuity of supply.
The Lunelle® range of designs, manufactured exclusively in the renowned ES70 material, have been rewarding patients with outstanding comfort and vision for decades.
“We’re delighted that we have the opportunity to add this established and distinguished custom soft lens to our specialist portfolio. We’re committed to offering an outstanding service to existing patients. But we are equally excited about the opportunity Lunelle® designs offer to new patients – especially those who fall outside the parameter range for moulded lenses but still require a high performing soft lens,” said Ashley Pepper, Managing Director of No7 Contact Lenses.
In the near future, SwissLens are planning to develop a new line of Lunelle® designs featuring the ES70 material. Currently, Lunelle® lenses are provided in the following designs:

• Lunelle® Spheric (ES 70 UV)
• Lunelle® Toric
• Lunelle® Toric RXi
• Lunelle® multifocal (Variations 70+ UV)
• Lunelle® Colors
• Lunelle® Sun

For further information or to order lenses, customers can visit, email or call:

01424 850620

About No7 Contact Lenses

No7 Contact Lenses has been manufacturing specialist contact lenses for over 40-years. Established in Devonshire Street, London in 1979, No7 initially supplied lenses to opticians within the London area. They subsequently expanded and re-located to Hastings, East Sussex in 1994. They remain there today.
A commitment to investment and innovation – introducing Ortho-k, Hybrid and miniscleral lenses to their portfolio – combined with first-class customer support has seen No7 grow to now become a global supplier of specialist contact lenses.
Today, quality, education and support continue to underpin their business philosophy. New manufacturing technology, innovative customer
centred services and a comprehensive educational program are all part of their planning pipeline.
Now, proudly established as the UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist lenses, No7 looks toward an exciting future. Its experienced and knowledgeable team will continue to explore fresh opportunities, working in partnership with eyecare practitioners in the UK and across the world to give every patient the sense of health and well-being they deserve.

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