About SwissLens

SwissLens has been supplying made to measure prescription contact lenses to optical specialists since 1997.

The combination of our in-house developed manufacturing technologies and the expertise and experience of our team, allows us to offer an extensive product range, with very short shipping times, excellent pricing, warranty and backup.
Our company has more than 30 employees active across all major European countries, and our customer service department is happy to respond to your needs in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Polish.
SwissLens supplies contact lenses to hospitals, contact lens practitioners and via our distributors and licensing agreements worldwide. We supply to eye care professionals only.

Our lenses are available to order via our dedicated customer services team and via the web, 24/7.

SwissLens is committed to building long-term relationships with its lens specialists by introducing innovative and personalized products and services, thus contributing to enhanced lens wearer loyalty. SwissLens sells its products to lens specialists only. All lenses are made to measure – we do not hold stock.
SwissLens offers a comprehensive range of lenses with unlimited parameters, backed by services to facilitate lens fitting, patient follow-up and general administration.
Our products and services constitute an alternative to both frequent-replacement lenses and lenses sold directly to consumers through the internet.

Our Team

SwissLens is a young and dynamic team of contact lenses experts. The SwissLens staff comes majority-bright from the contact lenses industry and has a big experience in this area.

Production, customer consultants, marketing, b2b

The production staff comes from the contact lens industry and masters this field perfectly. SwissLens also differs by offering the best possible advice to its customers. Specialists are always ready to assist adapters in the most complex cases of adaptation.

The sales staff present on the European market is composed of optical professionals.

Finally the company has resources both in marketing and in internet communication, which facilitates the access to SwissLens products.




de Malm



Production Manager


Production & QM

Sales representative


Sales Manager Germany
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+33 6 60 33 38 17


Sales Manager Poland
+48 798 515 042


Sales Manager Italy
+39 347 600 0535


+380 93 253 9497

Customer care


French / English / German
Product management


German / ENGLISH / Russian
Social Media / eastward expansion


product Manager / Color expert


French / English
Product& Export manager

Lopes Pereira

Portuguese / Spanish / English / Italian / German / French

Board of directors

The executive office is composed of:

  • Philippe Käppeli, President
  • Hervé de Malm
  • Philippe Thévo


Production tool

SwissLens has numerical lathe with nano-metrical precision specifically designed to manufacture contact lenses made to measure, and in particular for the toric lenses stabilized with bumps. These lathes enable the production of lenses with precision and quality never reached before. This tool, as well as the driving softwares, were developed by SwissLens, in collaboration with EPFL (Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne) and various high technology Swiss companies. Since it is protected by various patents, the company benefits from its exclusive exploitation.

Traceability and reproductability

Every SwissLens lens has its own serial number, which guarantees a follow-up and a perfect reproducibility. The appropriate information for every lens is at the adapter’s disposal.


The SwissLens lenses can correct the usual spherical type ametropia (myopia, hypermetropia), astigmatism, presbyopia and all the combinations of those. The Classic range offers an unlimited choice for parameters and materials, as well as the possibility to modify the geometry of the lens in order to adapt to all cases.


Ecology and quality

The nanotechnology makes it possible moreover to be freed from the operations of polishing, therefore increasing reproducibility and optical quality of the lenses while reducing the use of chemicals to a strict minimum.


We collaborate with the main raw material suppliers: Contamac , Boston (B&L)Paragon Vision Science. Each lens can be manufactured out of the most adequate material. To this end, we constantly watch and follow the evolution of new materials.

Working conditions

Manufacture, control and conditioning are carried out in buildings specifically designed for the production of contact lenses:  gray room at controlled temperature and hygroscopy.


SwissLens has a system of Quality Assurance in compliance with the requirements ISO 13485. We are also holder of the EC-label for sterile soft contact lenses and rigid contact lenses.

Each and every contact lens made by SwissLens follows a rigorous control during the successive stages of production.

History of SwissLens

November 2020

SwissLens produces the complete Lunelle product range

Following the agreement in June 2020 to acquire the Lunelle contact lens, SwissLens has integrated the certification and product range into its facility in Prilly, Lausanne Switzerland.

SwissLens facility front
June 2020

SwissLens agrees acquisition of Lunelle from CooperVision

After more than 20 years of cooperation and production of Lunelle RX contact lenses, CooperVision and SwissLens agree the taking over of the complete Lunelle product portfolio by SwissLens.


New automatic lathes

With the strong growth in the German-speaking market, additional lathes were installed.


German market opens

Germany, today one of the largest markets of SwissLens, started in 2005 with the new colleague Julia Elhariri (formerly Herklotz).


Takeover of Biolens activities

When Essilor decided to close Biolens, they choose SwissLens to entrust the  fabrication of Lunelle Toric RX because of the SwissLens experience and knowledge with this type of lenses.

Since then, SwissLens is producing the Lunelle Toric RX without interruption as OEM.

July 1997

Incorporation of SwissLens

With the good results of LCM, the management decides to create the new SwissLens company with Philippe Kaeppli as the CEO.

The activity started in the new facilities in Prilly, near Lausanne.

The founders of SwissLens were Hervé de Malm, Pierre-André Cuénoud, Gerard Muller and CEO Philippe Kaeppeli.

1992 - 1997

Development & Research

Before SwissLens was founded, Hervé de Malm and Gerard Muller worked on the development of a fully automatic lathe with an oscillating diamond tool for contact lenses under a company called LCM (Lentille de Contact sur Mesure) near Place Saint-François in Lausanne. With this machine, it should be possible for the first time to produce the patented dynamic stabilisation elements of a soft contact lens in one step like the Lunelle Toric RX.

With this new developed fabrication concept, LCM sold its first soft contact lenses to customers in Switzerland.

Pierre-André Cuénoud left Biolens to join LCM.

before 1992

The beginning of a successful story

In the 70′, Gerard Muller founded a small production of contact lenses in a laboratory under the name Biolens in Lausanne.

In the 80′, Biolens developed the design of the Lunelle Toric RX and was sold to the Essilor company.

In 1983, Pierre-André Cuénoud joined Biolens to lead the production Team.

LCM Old building
Annual team meeting

We are currently in annual team meeting.

Our phonecall line is currently closed, We apologize and try to do our best to come back as soon as possible. 

Customer service email : lens.order@swisslens.ch