Internet Services

Access to professional area

SwissLens gives Internet services to his customers allowing them to order lenses and to reach all the information concerning their customer relationship with SwissLens.


How to take advantage of these features

The Internet services are reserved for the customers registered by SwissLens. If you are already customer, you can ask for an access via our contact form, if are you not registered, use this contact form.

About security ?

  • Every user referenced by the SwissLens Internet services has an individual access allowing him to reach exclusively the information concerning his store, cabinet or group. Other users cannot reach these data.
  • Login and password can be modified by the user at any time.
  • The password is coded, thus SwissLens staff can’t read it. In case of forgetting, a new password must be generated.
  • The connections secured (HTTPS protocol).
  • The personalized accesses are transmitted on demand via post mail.