standard custom made soft contact lenses

Spherical Orbis

Torical Toris Ext / Toris Int / Toris Bal

Spherical progressive Borelis

Torical progressive Torelis Ext / Torelis Int / Torelis Bal

Relaxing Myopia Relax

Colored HydroColor/AirColor

Medical custom made soft contact lenses

Keratoconus HydroCone K12 / HydroCone K34 /HydroCone P K12 / HydroCone P K34 (Toris-K)

Post surgery HydroMed S1S / HydroMed S2S / HydroMed P S1S / HydroMed P S2S  (Toris-OP)

Prosthetic HydroColor Pro

Edge Filter HydroColor Therapy

Bandage Orbis-T / Orbis-XL

Babylens Orbis-B

Hybrid AirFlex

Materials for soft contact lenses

Fitting advice and guide for soft contact lenses

Modification of secondary parameters


Care products from SwissLens are tested specifically for the needs of contact lens materials and their applications.