Information on the new data protection regulations


SwissLens respects privacy and transparency.

We would like to inform you today of the changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which will come into effect on May 25, 2018.

Therefore, in our updated data protection declaration we inform you in detail and clearly understandably which data we collect for which purpose, how we use the data and what rights you have to control this data.

The new Data Protection Act is very extensive (88 lower-case pages of LINK) and also offers possibilities for interpretation, especially since we are based in Switzerland and, as a healthcare company with CE certification, are subject to the Medical Devices Act.

Below you will find various information about our customizations and links to documents.

First things first:

SwissLens does not require any personal data of the patient (name, gender, contact data) to identify the individual person. A patient identification number provided by the client is sufficient to ensure complete order tracking in accordance with the Medical Devices Act. Although names could still be processed as a reference for the health sector (EU GDPR permitted. article 9, point h), we recommend, however, to place your orders in future only with an individual patient ID. This makes order processing safe and unproblematic.

Order Processing Agreement Contract (PA Contract)

We have prepared an PA contract for you. Please send us a request to the data protection officer. We will provide you with the CA.

If you wish to send your own contract to us for signature, please use the e-mail address of the data protection officer.

The new privacy policy

You will find the new data protection declaration under this LINK and in the menu “About us“.

As a result, the general terms and conditions and the Impressum have also been adapted. By placing an order, you continue to agree to this.

Right to forget

As a CE-certified company with medical products, we must not forget everything. We have a duty of care and must therefore keep data around the contact lenses.

Your account

You can have your account deleted. This will deny you access to our data, but we must also be able to contact you for product recalls and the like.

You can have all your online accounts deleted. This means that they no longer have access to our web services. You will find this function in the protected area under “My account“.

Change of patient names

  1. For repeat orders, you can change the name of a commission to your patient ID. Please note that this separates the customer history. Therefore, we do NOT recommend doing this during the fitting phase, as this also removes the link to Service+. Service+ is reference-bound.
  2. You can send us a list (Excel) with your patient data, a lot/SN and the new ID. We will then change all names in our database to IDs.
  3. Due to the Medical Devices Act, it is not possible for us to delete contact lens data and history. On request, we can make the data anonymous using an ID provided by you.

In the protected area under My KLträger -> Renewal you will find a list of all your KL carriers.

The “Delete” button does not delete the customer, it only deletes the customer from the renewal list.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


Pascal Blaser 

Head of Customer Service/Data Protection Officer (EMAIL)