AirFlex: Instruction of use

Your hybrid contact lenses should be renewed every six (6) months please discuss this with your eye care specialist.
Before handling your lenses, always wash your hands thoroughly.


Before insertion check your lens is clean and in good condition. In case the lens seems damaged, do not use and contact your eye care specialist.
Rinse your lens. Place the lens in the palm of your hand and rinse it with the contact lens solution that is advised by your eye-care specialist in order to make sure the surface is free of any surface deposits. Never use tap water.
Look at yourself in a mirror. Place your middle finger close to you lower eyelashes and pull down the lower lid, and use the other hand to lift the upper lid.
Place the lens on your forefinger close to your eye and place the lens carefully on your eye.
Gently release the lids and blink to clear the tears.
Make sure your lens is well centered on your eye. If you notice air bubbles, or in the case of lens decentration or discomfort, remove the lens and re-insert following same procedure.


Look at yourself in a mirror. Place your forefinger on the lower lid and the forefinger of the other hand on the upper lid. Press lightly on your lower eyelid and move the eyelid up in order to lift the lens. Gently catch the lens between your thumb and forefinger.
Be careful when handling your lenses do not to pinch the lens,. Be careful not to damage the lens with your nails.
The lens should easily come out of your eye. If your lens feels as though it is stuck on your eye. See your eye-care specialist in case removal is difficult.
The use of a contact lens suction removal plunger may make it easier to remove your lenses until you feel more confident at lens removal. In this case, the removal plunger must never be placed in the center of the lens, but on the soft peripheral zone, in the lower part.


For the daily care, use a multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses, as recommended by your eye-care specialist. EyeBrid Silicone lenses are compatible with peroxide solutions. Always use the dedicated lens holders and carefully follow the neutralization procedure.
Before cleaning your lenses, empty your storage case. Never reuse the remaining solution in your case.
When removing your lens, rub it between your thumb and your forefinger for about 20 seconds with a multipurpose solution. Or, in case of oily tears and greasy deposits, clean your lenses with a cleaning solution for soft lenses only, and then rinse the lens.
Place the lens in its storage case and fill it with multipurpose solution recommended by your eye-care specialist.
If you do not wear your lenses for a week, or more always replace the storage solution in the lens case with fresh multipurpose solution before wearing your lenses.
Always carefully read and follow the instructions of the solutions you use.
Follow the instructions of your eye-care practitioner.


Always put on your make-up after having placed the lenses on your eyes.
Ocular complications due to lens wearing are rare if you follow the instructions of your eye-care specialist. However, if any one of the following symptoms occurs, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye-care specialist:
– A red or itching eye
– A feeling of discomfort or soreness
– An unusual change of vision
– An increased sensitivity to light
– Any watering of the eye or symptom of dry eye
• If you feel any discomfort, remove your lens and rinse it with a rinsing solution.
• Consult your eye-care practitioner before using an eyewash.
• The lens must never be allowed to dry out in storage and must be stored away from any sources of heat.

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