SwissLens supplies contact lenses to hospitals, contact lens practitioners and through our distributors and licensing agreements worldwide. 
Our lenses are available to order through our dedicated customer services team and through the web, 24/7.

Internet Services

SwissLens gives Internet services to his customers allowing them to order lenses and to reach all the information concerning their customer relationship with SwissLens.


Online Orders

On our professional website orders can be calculated directly online and easily reordered.

Orders follow-up

Pending orders, last deliveries, advanced search

The status of the order is displayed in the pending orders and can be tracked on the last delivery screen. All parameters and sales information are displayed and the contact lenses can be re-ordered simply by ticking the box.

In the advanced search of your customers records, all old contact lenses can be found according to different search criteria

Prices and conditions of sale

Your personal prices and discounts for each product can be found online.

SwissLens offers different exchange rhythms for its products depending on material, lens type and country.

Depending on the market, the selling options are adapted according to habits and thus offer the eye specialist a flexible and simple solution for a successful sale.

The innovative exchange rhythms and made-to-measure contact lenses are an optimal answer to online sales.

Contact Lens Return System

SwissLens offers a simple and intuitive online returns system. All contact lenses can be registered for credit online using the professional returns form.

For quality assurance purposes, various questions about the return are asked and then credited directly after an examination.

These contact lenses do not have to be sent back to us and the credit normally appears on the next monthly invoice.

Online invoices

All invoices can be found on the professional website and can be downloaded.

To receive invoices by email, the email address for sending invoices can be stored under your account.

All current deliveries and delivery notes can be found under the current invoice.

Statistics about your business

SwissLens offers you the possibility to access statistics directly online to check your sales and development.

Periods can be compared using various selection criteria.
The selected view can be exported as Excel or PDF.

How to take advantage of these features

The Internet services are reserved for the customers registered by SwissLens. If you are already customer, you can ask for an access via our contact form, if are you not registered, use this registration form.

About security ?

Every user referenced by the SwissLens Internet services has an individual access allowing him to reach exclusively the information concerning his store, cabinet or group. Other users cannot reach these data.

Login and password can be modified by the user at any time on your account.

The password is coded, thus SwissLens staff can’t read it. In case of forgetting, a new password must be generated.

The connections secured (HTTPS protocol).

Lens Calculator

SwissLens offers an extensive collection of different calculations around the contact lens. These are specific for our products, like Relax, but also for all contact lenses in general.

Our calculation tools are:

  • Relax Optic Variation
  • NightFlex Relax
  • Over-refraction calculation
  • Eyeglass power conversion
  • Corneal curve conversion
  • Sagittal height calculation
  • Transposition Cyl+ / Cyl-
  • Axe present / Axe with stabilisation
  • (RGP) Power adjustment with BC changes on RGPs
  • Calculation of numeric eccentricity
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