HydroColor Pro

HydroColor Pro are custom made prosthetic contact lenses with a white opaque back surface, which is exclusively produced by SwissLens.

In our “Selection” range, the HydroColor Pro is available in 30 different colour, different iris and pupil diameter variations.

The colors are available for following Contact Lens types: Orbis, Toris, HydroMed

Our colours do not have any influence on the DK-value. It is just as high as the value of a clear contact lens.



Fitting advice

Important for the first order: radius and diameter of the cornea, power, pupil diameter.

Use same fitting advice to the comparing geometry. We highly recommend to use clear trial lenses first.

For additional parameters and colours, please contact our professional service.

Order of the coloured lens by giving the serial number of the trial lens and the colour number chosen from the colour sample book, pupil clear (0) or black (1) and diameter of iris and pupil. Example: 1253476, 53b-1, 12/4.2

Delivery time: approx. 3 – 5 weeks

How do I clean a HydroColor Pro?

In order to avoid damage to the colour, especially opaque fading, please use only recommended solution. The Acuacare one step-T is tested and optimally compatible.

Attention! Do not use any care system which contains EDTA.

Here you find the compatible care solutions.

HydroColor Pro cleaning

Colour selection

Our colour sample book allows you to choose the matching HydroColor Pro together with your customer.

The exact colour tone, as well as the intensity of the colour are exactly documented with our own developed “colour codes”. This means the colours of your re-orders will be matching perfectly.

Colour diameter variants

Iris Diameter (mm)10.8 ¦ 11.2 ¦ 11.5 ¦ 12.0 ¦ 12.5 ¦ 12.8
Clear Pupil Diameter (mm)2.7 ¦ 3.3 ¦ 3.8 ¦ 4.2 ¦ 4.8
Black Pupil Diameter (mm)2.6 ¦ 3.2 ¦ 3.7 ¦ 4.2 ¦ 4.8 ¦ 5.2

Technical Data

Total diameter13.00 mm16.00 mm0.01 mm
Base curve8.00 mm12.0 mm0.01 mm
Sphere-20.00 dpt+20.00 dpt0.01 dpt
Cylinder-0.25 dpt-4.00 dpt0.01 dpt
Addition+0.50 dpt+4.00 dpt0.01 dpt

Información adicional





Correction type

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Lens Type


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¿Cómo se produce un HydroColor Pro y cuál es la ventaja?

La estructura de color e iris se crea mediante un método innovador, que utiliza patrones especiales. Como resultado, la estructura es exactamente repetible.
El tono y la intensidad se especifican mediante un código de color. Esto garantiza reordenamientos de lentes de colores con el mismo resultado, y una mejor reproducibilidad que las clásicas pintadas a mano

Aunque el tinte se fija en el material de la lente (sin sándwich, sin pintura en la superficie), es independiente del grosor de la lente y por lo tanto independiente de la potencia de la lente.
El valor DK para la lente de color es el mismo que para una lente clara, lo que significa: ¡no hay reducción de la permeabilidad al oxígeno!
Se requieren más de 50 pasos para fabricar un HydroColor Pro, ya que a pesar del proceso de patrón, sigue siendo un «procedimiento coloreado a mano». El proceso de tintado completo tarda aproximadamente una hora.

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