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Order form 1 New fitting

Order form 2 Re-fitting

Order form 1 & 2

Return form

Account opening with the online form

General documentation

SwissLens corporate identity

General terms and conditions

Instruction for patients with soft contact lenses

Instruction for patients with RGP contact lenses

Instruction for patients with Hybrid contact lenses (additional information)

Privacy Policy

Technical documentation

Technical informations on Swisslens products

Materials for soft contact lenses

Fitting advice and guide for soft contact lenses

Fitting advice for soft multifocale contact lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses materials

Fitting advices for gas permeable contact lenses

Modification of secondary parameters

HydroCone: soft keratocunus contact lens

HydroMed: soft post surgery contact lens

HydroColor Pro: individual cosmetic and proshtetic colour lenses

HydroColor & AirColor: individual cosmetic colour lenses

Relax: Myopia Management

AirFlex, the hybrid lens

NightFlex, Orthokeratology

virtual lens fitting – your fitting and order assistant

Video-Link: Removing of soft contact lens

A Guide to Overnight Orthokeratoloy by Polymer Technology

Case studies

Poster IMC 2017: Changes in relative peripheral refraction, HOAs and optical quality using a soft centre distance multifocal contact lens with different additions and optical zones

Clinical Performance of Toris K Contact Lens in Patients with Moderate to Advanced Keratoconus: A Real Life Retrospective Analysis

HydroCone lens visual performance and impact on quality of life in irregular corneas; Dilay Ozek, Contact lens and antorior eye Feb 2016

Article about Hybrid from Dr. Marie Delfour Malecaze

HydroColor DK-Report

A New Fitting Approach for Providing Adequate Comfort and Visual Performance in Keratoconus Soft HydroCone (Toris K) Lenses, Koray Gumus

Silicone hydrogel keratoconus lens fitting in corneal ectatic diseases, Canan Asli Utine, MD

Comparison of the comfort of Boston XO and Menicon Z Material, Umut Duygu Uzunel

Progressive multi-focal silicone hydrogel lenses

Early stage bi-lateral kerataconus

Post PKP soft lenses OU

Soft contact lens (HydroCone/Toris K) fitting in patients with keratoconus. Dr. Yavuz, Istambul

HydroCone/Toris K Soft Lenses for Keratoconus. Dr. Günes

HydroCone/TorisK Dr. Koray, Dr. Nisa

Success of HydroCone (TORIS-K) soft contact lens

Gas Permeable Specialty Lens Educational Resources: Correction of Presbyopia with GP Contact Lenses

Case Study; Innovative Anwendungsmöglichkeiten im Spezial-Kontaktlinsenmarkt