New generation of silicone hydrogel contact lens materials available from SwissLens – UNISIL by Contamac

10 years ago, Contamac was the first material manufacturer to launch a silicone hydrogel for individual, lathe cutted contact lenses. The Definitive 74 material made it possible for the first time to produce all types of contact lens designs and strengths with a well-wetting and compatible silicone hydrogel.

Now the company Contamac has developed another silicone hydrogel material with new properties under the name UNISIL.

Together with the Hartwig Research Center from Heikendorf, SwissLens has been testing this new material since November 2018 in a study with very good results. After the successful certification of the material, SwissLens is the first manufacturer of individual contact lenses to offer the UNISIL material to its customers.

The differences between the new silicone hydrogel material UNISIL and the Definitive 74 are the slightly higher modulus (stiffness), the different surface properties and an increased tear resistance. These properties have resulted in easier handling and improved adaptability in wear tests. Despite the higher stiffness, almost 80% of the test customers felt that this material was as good or better than the previously worn contact lens.

The UNISIL material was successfully tested with all SwissLens soft lenses. Especially the soft keratoconus lens (HydroCone), the soft post-operative (HydroMed) and the myopia management (Relax) contact lenses achieved better results in terms of tolerability, handling and optical quality.

Like the Definitive 74, the UNISIL is available in 3 and 6-month contact lenses and has the same care product recommendations.

Test now and convince yourself of the new silicone hydrogel UNISIL with SwissLens contact lenses.

Properties of UNISIL:

  • Water content: 62%
  • DK: 50
  • Modulus: 0.80 MPA
  • Handlingstint: Blue with UV
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