Bandage lenses

The Orbis-T bandage lens is an individual soft contact lens that has been specially developed for therapeutic coverage of a larger area on the sclera and cornea.
The large diameter, thickness and optical zone as well as the materials with a high DK value allow for optimal care after injuries or postoperative eyes.



  • Spherical front and back optic zones
  • Aspheric flattening


High DK Materials, Igel 77, Definitive 74, Unisil 62

Standard value for lens diameter table for fitting

BC (min - max)BC (standard)Dia CLPowerFlattening
9.20 – 12.00 mm10.00 mm17.00 mmPlano (-) / (+) Standard
9.60 – 12.00 mm10.40 mm18.00 mmPlano (-) / (+) Standard

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