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SwissLens gives Internet services to his customers allowing them to order lenses and to reach all the information concerning their customer relationship with SwissLens.

How do I order lenses ?

Create a professional account on our website

Once you have completed the online form, the “thank you” message will validate the success of your account creation.

It may take up to 48 hours to receive your professional login information.

Make sure this message has not arrived in your spam folder.

Your first order

Lunelle : https://pro.swisslens.ch

Other lenses : https://order.swisslens.ch

OrthokeratologyNightFlex new order formular

Mail : lens.order@swisslens.ch

Phone : +41 21 620 06 66

General information


Download our contact lenses catalog

Prices : on request by email

Delivery delay   about 10 days

ScleraFlex, NightFlex Asy, AirFlex and Lunelle Toric Std 15 days

Soft coloured lenses 2 to 3 weeks

Virtual return of lenses : see tutorial

Online registration of SN number to be returned in “My returns” section (once registered the lenses can be discarded!)

Download CE Certificate

Invoices are monthly based. To be paid in 30 days

Invoices and Delivery Note can be visualized and downloaded from your professionnal access

SwissLens’ Bank account is mentionned on every invoices

VAT In between the European Union, this will be done without VAT (intra-community deliveries)

Annual team meeting

We are currently in annual team meeting.

Our phonecall line is currently closed, We apologize and try to do our best to come back as soon as possible. 

Customer service email : lens.order@swisslens.ch