Update of the Online Return system

Getting prepared for the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), we have adopted the Post Market Surveillance (PMS) for the CL return procedure in cooperation with our Notified Body.

Due to this major update, problems may occur during this process. Please try refreshing your site by clicking F5 or ctrl + F5 (Windows) or command + r (Apple) or wait again the next day.

SwissLens supplies contact lenses to hospitals, contact lens practitioners and via our distributors and licensing agreements worldwide. Our lenses are available to order via our dedicated customer services team and via the web, 24/7. We supply to eye care professionals only.

Research and Development, unique manufacturing technologies, IT – and Professional Services, all make up the Centre of Excellence at SwissLens. The portfolio of contact lenses supports all kind of visual and medical needs. This unique mix of expertise ensures the company strives for perfection and provides an unparalleled service in the Contact Lens industry.

DK- measurement (oxygen permeability) has recently confirmed the HydroColor compatibility


Carried out by an external laboratory, the DK value measurements of HydroColor and HydroColor Pro colour lens have revealed that the colour did NOT impact the oxygen permeability in any way. The uncoloured material (Contaflex 67%), as well as the coloured lens shows the same DK value. The same applies to the prosthetic HydroColor Pro with its opaque layer.

Thus, the lenses along with a high water content material as well as a thin lens design without sandwich configuration, provides the users a high physiological comfort.

Cleaning solutions

The use of unapproved contact lens care products will destroy the colour of the contact lens. Only use the following tested and approved products view more

We offer now Tangible® Hydra-PEG®

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® is a permanent coating applied to your lenses that makes them:

  • More comfortable
  • Wetter
  • Retain more water
  • Feel smoother on eye
  • Better resist deposits
  • Fog less

Please read the Cleaning solution recommendation

More Information at the original website: https://tangiblescience.com/

The Silicone Hybrid HydroFlex is called now AirFlex! New-Airflex-en

The AirFlex hybrid contact lens are next generation hybrid contact lenses that consist of:

  • a central zone made of a high Dk RGP material, for excellent vision
  • a soft peripheral skirt made of a Silicone Hydrogel material, for easy fitting and comfor

Our link will guide you directely to our order site

Contact Lens Toolbox

kalkulatorThe new contact lens calulators are now available on our website.

Our now labelling out now

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