Direct Delivery

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Available for Switzerland, Germany and Austria. For other countries, we are currently in the test phase


Order the contact lens(s) through our website, by e-mail or by calling our customer service.

1 – You can send us the address for direct delivery in 3 different ways Write the end user’s address directly online during the ordering process in the “remarks” field
2 – Send us an email after the order with the address of the end user and the reference of the customer. This must be identical to the reference given during the order
3 – Send directly the PDF for shipping Please follow these steps:

  1. Order the contact lens(s) via our website, by e-mail or by calling our customer service.
  2. Download the form. This form will replace the normal delivery note in the delivery. If required, you can download your delivery note online under your account.
  3. Save the form in an appropriate folder
  4. Open the form with Acrobat Reader. Do not use the browser. The form cannot be filled out in the browser. Fill out the form in Acrobat Reader. Please not handwritten.
    • Address of your customer, with country of delivery
    • Address of you
    • Reference of the customer. Identical to the reference during the order which page is delivered in the package
  5. Click on Send and select your email provider for sending the form

Alternatively, you can save the form on your computer and then send it as an attachment to

Direct delivery information in German

Direct delivery information in French

Direct delivery information in Italian